Product & Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of product & services, right from a simple lightbulb to sophisticated smart home solution. From domestic household as well as commercial setups.

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Smart Home Solution

Smart home solution will uses technology to automate and control home systems from your phone or computer. Our mission to make it simple and affordable.

Tap, Basin & Accessories

Our series of faucet are superlative, sleek in design with enhanced germen technology. All products certified with water efficiency and conservation standard.

Smart Digital Lock

Situation for lost keys will never happened again. Open the door, through face recognition , thumbprint, passcode, card access or even apps control. there will definitely be a means that suitable you.

Lighting & Accessories

With more then 20 years in the industry, we always innovate with time. Long lasting, energy saving, smart censoring, smart home control, we take care of it all. 

Ceiling Fan with Smart Control

Ceiling light with lamp is the essential setup in most modern home. it is a perfect solution to ventilate and lumen at night.   

Innovation, R&D

Innovation, R&D is an on going mission for Dycorra. Automation, Improve life and upkeep with technologies, we produces products that advance and elevate its current product line.


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