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What We Do?

Business / Industrial

DYCORRA cooperates with major global companies to carry out large-scale commercial lighting operational models. With these cooperation, we created a variety of intelligent lighting systems. DYCORRA commercial lighting, will continue to introduce new product and services that meet the diverse needs of our users.


With the goal of creating intelligent lighting for home user, DYCORRA has created several ecological products. The home-based products created by DYCORRA will cover different categories and different environments. These will meet users demand for intelligent home lighting, and create exclusive home lighting environment with contemporary designs.


DYCORRA growing product base is offering a one stop solution for lighting needs. With cutting edges AI and loT technology, we provides competitive product feature which compliant with high security standard and industrial requirement.


DYCORRA is committed to researching the power of light for beauty. We use light to solve your skin problems and adopt scientific and effective methods to let you experience the wonderful changes that optical products bring to your skin. At the same time, we use the APP to bring you a better interactive experience, and you will also experience the most comprehensive services from DYCORRA.


DYCORRA is committed to the study of light and introducing effective and efficient optical products. We also focusing on the study of the lumen, strobe, brightness, color temperature and other related fields. We also pay great attention to the health of the elderly youth and little, by creating a healthy and comfortable lighting environment for you is our service tenet.

Who Are We?

A Team of Lighting Professionals Who Understand The Home, Office And Industry Needs.

With more then 20 years of experience in lighting product, services and supplies, our team of experts are here to help you with all your lighting needs. 

We Wholesales A Complete Range Of Lighting Products

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